Friday, April 6, 2012


Patience is not a virtue that currently I possess in large quantities. When I want things, I want them now. Not now, yesterday. I have, on more than one occasion, paid more on shipping for something that I've bought than the item actually costs. Just because I want it the next day. Yeah, I'm that bad. I know that this is a fault, and I accept that. But now that I find myself waiting to hear from literary agents, my impatience is causing me a great deal of distress. There is nothing I can do to speed up this process. No "overnight delivery" fee that I can pay to make them answer.

That is why I am glad that read this post over at Jeff Goins' blog: Patience Is a Writer's Most Important Virtue
It is a great post by Suzannah Windsor Freeman, author of The Busy Mom's Guide to Writing. It is exactly what I needed to read today. If you suffer from a lack of patience, I highly recommend you read it. It will put things more into perspective, at least it did for me.

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