Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Confidence and Support

I spent several hours last night putting together my new desk and chair. (See it there in the picture? Cool, huh?) Most of the problems that I ran into were my own fault, as I misread the directions. Okay, okay, I didn't read the directions at all until I realized something was wrong. Turns out they put just enough screws in the box to build the thing and they are not interchangeable. But, I finally managed to put it together and lovingly set up all of my stuff. Finally, I have a place that is set aside strictly for writing. To anyone else, this desk is just a desk. Nothing fancy about it, but to me it is much, much more.

In the past, I would hunch over my little net book and bang away at the keys in whatever room of the house was free of children, which was not always possible to find. Now, I have a desk, a chair, and a special place just for me to write in. I'm not sure how I can explain to you how special this is, unless you are a writer, then you already know.

It's not just about comfort, although I am sure that my back will feel much better writing here instead of bent over a comp in my lap on the couch. More importantly it has built my confidence. Why, you ask? Because it let's me know that my wife supports my work. Sure, she tells me all the time what a great writer I am, but every writer's family tells them that.  By buying  me the desk and helping me carve out my "office" area, she has given me concrete evidence that lets me know just how much she supports my writing.

How can a desk do this? Simple. Her actions tell me and everyone else that what I do is important. Important enough to warrant spending money  and rearranging our home. She could have gone on telling me that I was good enough and I would have gone on believing her (until the "I'm no good, this is all shit" feeling crept back up), but she showed me in a very real way that she's not just blowing smoke. She believes in me and supports the path that I have chosen, and that is much more valuable than any words of praise.

Do you ever lack confidence in your abilities? Who is there to support you in your endeavors and build your confidence up?


  1. Spouses can be wonderful sources of support! :) I just found you on Book blogs and am now a follower. I hope you will consider stopping by and entering my giveaway:

  2. Thanks, Jessica. I am following your blog too and entered the contest. Is bribery frowned upon? ;)

  3. Cherish her everyday, Tell her you love her, and appreciate all that she does for you. Make sure she hears these words everday. When all is said and done, don't leave a doubt in her mind that you may not have appreciated her for all thaat she does.

    Good luck with your office, your next short story, and your novel. Can not wait to read more of your work, and I enjoy your blog.

  4. Office looks great! Found you on Book Blogs! :) Will you follow my blog?

  5. Hi, Sara. Thanks for stopping by. Yes, I checked out your blog and I am a new follower!