Saturday, August 24, 2013

Being AWOL and Why I won't re-publish my book.

Yes, Yes, I know. It has been over a year since I have typed anything on this blog. In that time, I have been focusing on my family and drifting aimlessly through daily life. I apologize for neglecting this blog, and I promise to do better. I think I've said that before, though.

My book, THE ACOLYTE has seen resounding success. If you consider the fact that a few people actually read it and said they liked it to be "success." I enjoyed writing the book, and I still love the story, but I admit that I made errors along the way. The first error was impatience. I was in such a hurry to publish, that I did not properly proofread. I did one round of editing and that was all. (Yes, I know. That is rule number 1.) Enter ego. "I'm a good writer," I thought, "Surely it is fine." WRONG. My book is rife with errors, mostly made by spellcheck, but unacceptable, regardless.

Second, even if it were edited to perfection, I didn't have the patience enough to find an agent. (See a theme forming?) So, I self-published on Amazon and Smashwords. In hind sight, maybe not the best idea, especially considering the errors from impatience trap #1.

I could take the book down, edit it, and re-publish, but I am not going to at this point. Why? I am taking the advice of my wife who, trying to get me out of a funk, told me to think of it as a lesson learned and it was time to move on. So, I will leave it as it is, a colossal series of mistakes, as a lesson to myself that I am NOT as good as I think I am, and maybe to other writers who may think the same way I did. (Of course, if anyone wants to edit it just for the credit, I'll be happy to talk with them. See how lazy I am?)

So, while I do have another book in the works, for now I will not be diving in head first as I did with THE ACOLYTE. I love to write, but for the time being, I will be focusing most of my efforts on writing to help support my family, instead of trying to realize a childhood dream of being the next Stephen King. As to what this blog will become is anyone's guess. Most likely ramblings of whatever my half-insane mind spews out. What it won't be is a marketing tool for a half-assed novel. (Unless a budding editor takes me up on my offer above.) I guess we will see.